Champion Air Cargo - Tracking System



Through our tracking service you can visualize all the information related to your current and past shipments, such as: air waybills, exportation documents, MUISCA documents, portfolios, statement of accounts and other important information published and constantly updated by the different departments in our company.  Just by registering in our website you will be given the possibility of making use of all of the tools and utilities that we offer; all you need is a username and a password.


We have a technical infrastructure that guarantee the strength of our services: own specialized servers, high-speed dedicated internet channels, maintenance and monitoring, branches integration, support and security and high technology applications that makes it simple to do all your procedures and avoids delays and congestions.

We manage roles in our tracking system: exporters, abroad customers, importers, airlines and staff; each one of these are set up to be able to visualize their corresponding information. 


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We have an IT and systems department in charge of the website and the production of all the system’s programs, as well as providing specific solutions to each client in record time and constant support to guarantee the clients’ satisfaction.

Our company is interested about continuously innovating the tools and options available for each role.  Each suggestion or query received from the clients through the website is quickly taken into consideration, analyzed and solved in short time to ensure the perfect functioning of all the procedures.

We also guarantee data security and integrity and maximum access to the information through the website as well as 24 x 7 customer service.

In addition, we provide a unique high technology service which is the integration of your system with ours. Also, we are known for the making of advanced system applications for both local and abroad client and for achieving fast results by reducing repetitive actions.