Champion Air Cargo - Importaciones
Imports Department



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Our importations department staff is a trained and suitable team, distinguished by its integrity, commitment and for always being available to offer prompt quality service to our clients.


We have all the experience to handle importations of perishable and dry goods while complying with all the requirements.  The time and cost of our operations are optimum and therefore our clients are always satisfied. 


  • Air Cargo Consolidation:  Thinking in our clients’ needs, CHAMPION AIR CARGO DE COLOMBIA LTDA, offers the air cargo consolidation service in strategic locations in the main cities of Asia, Europe and North America.

  • International trade advisory: Our importations department is integrated by highly qualified and experienced staff with the capacity of providing integral advice in all issues related to import processes so these are successfully operated in record time.

  • Documentation advisory:  We offer to our clients the most complete guidelines for the presentation of supporting documentation during the import process in order to avoid any kind of inconvenient, while complying with the colombian customs statute.

  • Tariff classification advisory: We classify your merchandise that is to be imported under the basis of physical and technical descriptions.  We will inform you the tariffs and IVA tax to be paid to the DIAN (Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales - National Taxes and Customs Administration) as well as other requirements needed to be presented to government entities to get clearance approval.

  • Filing of importation licence before the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism:  For those goods that may require it, our importation department has a direct channel for the execution of requests to obtain the importation licence through the VUCE (Ventanilla Única de Comercio Exterior – Foreign Trade Single Counter).

  • Merchandise check-up:  As soon as your cargo reaches the national customs territory, we make a physical inspection to verify its condition and to make sure that its contents coincide with the information provided in the invoice, so we continue with the regular importation procedures.

  • Filing and presentation of the imports declaration before the DIAN:  By means of the DIAN’s computer system we present the imports declaration with all the legal supports and documents so the imports process finishes successfully.

  • Delivery of goods to the client:  Once the DIAN gives the customs clearance (free disposition of the goods), we deliver the goods to you wherever you need it inside the national territory, in alliance with air and marine freight companies.